- Megan Latterner 

"Myra does amazing floral work. She is so creative and asks a lot of questions to get to know about you and what you, as a client, are looking to see. I have enjoyed getting to work with Rison Design and look forward to designing many more events together!"

- Tzong-Huei Emily Li

"Myra is amazing! Her flower arrangements are unique and creative and will speak so much for you in any occasion!"

- Kuv Hlub Annie

"Lovely, the flowers are so beautiful, and breathtaking."

- Kelsey Elizabeth Gatlin

"Absolutely beautiful flowers and designs! Super unique & out of the ordinary."

- Abbie Marek-Schroeder

"The flowers are elegant and very sophisticated!! So beautiful!"

- Angelina Griffith

"Beautiful arrangements!! Wide variety of options and well listed packages!"

- Jeannine Pohl

"Myra is truly a passionate creative! I've worked with her on multiple occasions and each time she provides stunning unique arrangements."

- Samhein Awlwaze

"Very interpersonal staff, knowledgeable on any theme you could want! Will definitely use!"

- Lindsey Peay

"The arrangements are absolutely stunning and the variety of flowers is amazing! They smell simply intoxicating. Gorgeous!"

- Angela Engen Shanley

"Flowers are gorgeous. Getting a quote for my daughter’s wedding in June 2019. Great customer service and talented artist!"

- Heather Yonaites

"They have beautiful flowers with unique arrangements!! They are amazing!!"

- Conlee Jaclyn Hogoboom

"They have very unique arrangements! Color schemes very well designed, flowers look and smell amazing!"